Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring Bulbs

I am dreaming about spring flowers, too. I was so busy this fall that I did not have time to get my bulb order together. I will have to start putting some money aside now, as I know I have an endlessly accruing list in my mind by the time fall comes. I would also like to take a close look at the blooming periods and make sure that I choose varieties that will offer me the longest blooming period possible. Crocus vernus Vanguard heirloom (beautiful two-toned crocus) and Narcissus Crocodils start off the season with a splash of color. Narcissus Pheasant's Eye, Narcissus Dreamlight, Narcissus Misty Glen (all white) , and Allium karatuviense Ivory Queen I remember very fondly. I want to make sure that I also get a trumpet, large cup, small cup, poeticus, and a miniature variety. Here in Connecticut, White Flower Farm has exceptional descriptions and heirloom varieties that will help me plan my spring garden. 

I had some beautiful tulips in my garden that I have yet to discover their name. They are cherry red with painted white edges. They are really impressive and I want to add more impact by adding more of them. Last summer, the excessive rain uncovered some of my bulbs, which our puppy had fun digging them out and trampling through. I am hoping he missed a few and I will be able to enjoy a tulip or two this spring.

Eventually, I would like to have a cutting gardening, where I can allow myself to enjoy my flowers even more. I can not bare to cut the flowers from my garden, not yet. I love the simplest of arrangements, just a bunch of the same flowers in a vase. One of my favorite flowers, Allium Globemaster, would look magnificant in a tall glass vase. They grow 3-4 feet high and they burst open in late May / early June with 10 inch round flower heads. WOW. Here's a few pictures from my garden, with Digitalis purpurea Camelot Lavender. They bloom beautifully together.

Foxglove is a tender perennial that will reseed itself. They bloom all summer and my Digitalis purpurea Camelot Rose was one of my last flowers still blooming late in the season. We will see how it does this year. I love the tall spike of the Foxglove that contrast to the full spheres of the Globemaster. 

Last night, I combined a few recipes to make a dill sauce for the Pan Seared Salmon. My husband is still talking about it, so I thought I would share.

1/2 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon dijon
1/3 tablespoon dried dill
1/3 tablespoon capers or more
fresh ground pepper

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