Thursday, December 22, 2011

blessed with a ray of light

yesterday, at an event at my daughter school, I glanced over at her and thought she looked a little tired. by the time she came home from school, it was clear that she had come down with something. oh poor thing, to not be feeling well as she gets a break for the holiday. and my plans to start and finish up some gifts these last few days were not looking so good either, especially seeing that my other little one has been sick.

so today, we kept my daughter out of school so she could rest. my husband went out in the morning to stock up on his toys to put under the tree. the children and i stayed in and did some snuggling until my little ones went off to their room to play. i took that time to do some quick cleaning then i needed stop to help clean up and organize the children's bedroom. the result of a 2 1/2 year old getting into a 7 1/2 year old's things, a reminder that we need to simplify again. (although we managed to sift 3 barbie dolls out)

the morning went by rather quickly and all were ready for lunch. as we were eating, the sun peaked around the side of our house as it usually does this time of year, bringing direct sunlight into our kitchen. my daughter moved her seat over to bask in the sun and a ray of light caught her swarvoski crystal bracelet (part of her mermaid halloween outfit, a reminder that i have lots to share). With joy she exclaimed, "LOOK, MY BRACELET IS MAKING RAINBOWS" and oh how we all love these rainbows. 

i had already accepted and felt fine that my christmas projects were going to have to be pushed back for upcoming birthdays as i have two little ones that need me but i was a little unhappy thinking about the type and amount of daddy gifts that were going to stocked under our christmas tree. but after that moment of joy and glee brought about by dancing rainbows, i just decided to let the ill feelings of commercialized toys go and just know that when i sit back and be present in these small moments, i will be renewed with wonder and awe and my children will be blessed with the same.

A happy solstice indeed.

sorry no pics today. but i am reminded of how much i enjoy capturing the light here. happy solstice everyone

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