Wednesday, July 14, 2010

last night, my little guy needed his mama's comfort. i am still in my jams (pajamas) i have not looked in the mirror nor brushed my hair back, my body is achier than usually. my thoughts drifting and i gave myself TWO tasks today. to find and make a delicious new meal for this evening and tomorrow evening with my 2 beautiful eggplants. and my second task is to have a calm, peaceful ending to my day. giving myself time to savor some tea, mediate, think about what tomorrow may bring and curl up with a book this evening. 

so, i went searching for some recipes and here's what i came up with, some will be modified to be dairy free:
i decided to grill the eggplant because no matter which recipe i decide upon, the grill brings out an amazing flavor. and i remember how much i enjoy this part of the season when we have delicious eggplant to nourish ourselves with. i decided on the rainy day rigatoni for tonight and vegan muffuletta for tomorrow. and i look forward to the trenette with eggplant and basil pesto next. what is your favorite eggplant recipe?


Anonymous said...

This is what we absolutely love:
Fusilli with courgettes and tomatoes

225g courgettes (eggplants)
225g tomatoes
175 g fusilli
2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
salt and pepper
6 large basil leaves
grated hard cheese of your choice

-Boil pasta according to packet instructions.
-Meanwhile, heat oil in large saucepan, gently cook chopped courgette and crushed garlic until soft (about 4 mins) add tomatoes (which have been skinned and cut up into chunks) add salt and pepper to taste, heat through.
-Drain pasta, add to saucepan, stir it all through, tear in the basil, check the seasoning and serve with grated cheese over the top (optional)

This is beautiful served with garlic bread. It tastes very fresh and is perfect for summer! We eat it regularly in our house.

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

this sounds wonderful and is perfect for summer cooking, ingredients fresh from the garden. thank you for sharing your recipe :)


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