Saturday, June 26, 2010

summer solstice wet felted doily

:: we made our doily using the wet felting process. here are some instructions on making it, from the other day. as the piece became firm, we were able to add some details to it. we added details to each side individually, using a small amount of fairy sprinkles:) and gently rolled in the beginning. adding detail to each side gives you two different looks and our doily could even be hung on a wall or used on our nature table. smaller ones would be great for coasters. wet felting is pretty fun and i really like the end result.i am still getting the hang of it and used to the process. 

have you tried wet felting? if so, what have you made? i'd like to try something new


boatbaby said...

It turned out lovely! Did you add the details in the wet felting process or needle them in?
We've made the solar system. That was a fun challenge. The balls of course were easy, but we tried adding the proper details to each planet. The rings were the hardest and never seemed to come out quite right.

ourdayourjourney said...

oh, the solar system sounds very cool. i have tried to wet felt swirls on a ball and they are so hard. i found i had to wet felt the swirls into small sections or needle felt the swirl on after the ball is dry.

we wet felted the details on after the main circle shape was firm. i wanted to try to make the entire piece by wet felting. we could have let the piece dry and lightly needlefelted the details in just to secure them a little and then finish the piece by wet felting. when you needle felt, some of the color from the other side will come through, but you are only trying to secure it a little so that should be alright.

Redbeet Mama said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!
Happy Summer Solstice to you.
You are a magical Mama.

Your comment on my blog was heart felt - I now understand a bit more after spending some time on your blog. I think we have what you spoke of in common - I'd write more but perhaps an email would be more appropriate.

I'll be in touch.

Much love, Nicole

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Your sun is beautiful, I love it! I have done more needle felting than wet felting, but you certainly have inspired me. Thank you!
Hope you enjoy many sunny summer days!

ourdayourjourney said...

yes, nicole. please email me and renne, thank you for your sharing your thoughts and i wish you the same ~ enjoy many sunny summer days!


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