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the more i learn about waldorf, the more i live it, the more beauty, truth and meaning into our lives. martinmas, for us, celebrates the spirit of sharing, the beauty of candle light, a time to reflect and kindle our inner light.

our celebrating bring us together singing and sharing the story of St. Martin. making some harvest pumpkin soup topped with some cranberry compote (from another recipe. 1 c water 2 c fresh cranberries, 1/4 c sugar, zest of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 t coarse salt. bring to boil over medium heat. reduce to a simmer. cook until jam like consistency about 20 minutes) baking some whole apples. melting a single chocolate bar with milk for some homemade hot chocolate for the family to share, while enjoy a candle lite evening with family game night.

( a thin layer of tissue paper works best for the leaf lanterns)

here are some other suggestions I found to celebrate Martinmas, including a bunch of song:

the kindergarden snack book suggests stone soup, baked apples, popcorn and apple cider, along with a recipe for rose room oatmeal cookies.

from festivals, family and food
"He was known for his gentleness, his unassuming nature and his ability to bring warmth and light to those who were previously in darkness. On the evening on Martinmas he is remembered in many French households with a festival of lanterns, carrying light throughout the darkened home, singing songs, and sharing a simple cake, perhaps decorated with the symbol of the sun."

St. Martin St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin road through wind and snow on his strong horse his heart aglow He rode so boldly through the storm, his large cloak kept him well and warm. By the road side, by the roadside, by the roadside a poor man arose out of the snow in tattered clothes "I beg you help me in my plight or else I'll die of cold tonight." St. Martin, St. Martin, St. Martin stopped his horse and drew his sword and cut his cloak in two one half to the beggar man he gave and by this deed his life did save.

in these hills always inspires me with her words and knowledge. and these (above) she shared on her blog, her favorite songs along with a beautiful story book, Amy's goose by Efner Tudor Holmes. it is a story about amy who nurses a wild goose back to health and struggles to decide whether to keep it on the farm or let it be free.

Lantern, Lantern
Little Lantern, Little Lantern
The sun, the moon and twinkle stars
Bu-urn bright , my light,
Bu-urn bright , my light,
But not only the light of my dear lantern. OR (But please not my little lantern tonight)

This little light of mine
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine,
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

I Walk with My Lantern (many variations)
I'm walking with my lantern,
And my lantern walks with me.
Above the stars are shining
On Earth are shining we.

Oh lantern light
you shine so bright.
Oh hear the angels sing.
Oh hear the angels sing.

the daylight fast is dwindling

my little lamp needs kindling

let your beams shine far
into the dark night
little lantern guard me with your precious light

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