Sunday, October 4, 2009

pumpkins & gemstones

:: pumpkin picking. we had our pumpkins out of the front porch and we saw a certain someone trying to set close to our pumpkins. it was mr.squirrel. we believe the same mr. squirrel from last year. so the pumpkins are in for the night, safe and secure in my little one's "workshop", her playstand area.

:: mining gemstones.

:: my little one always finds heart shaped rocks. she shared this lovely one with her father. only this one is not a rock. and we are up at the farm. humm... i wonder what this is?

:: identifying her gemstones. i think this book is what peaked my little one's interest in gemstones, crystals, minerals and any other rocks that may cross our path. while this book has beautiful photographs and descriptions, it is not the best book for identifying naturally occurring minerals. i recommend something like this or this.


boatbaby said...

Ok this is getting weird. We spent part of our weekend doing THE EXACT SAME THING. Mining gem stones in the same manner and pumpkin picking (both without my camera, batteries died). Thanks for the book suggestion!

Christine said...

these two are like peas in the pod!!! sounds like you guys had lots of enjoyment, too.

Heather said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to explore and learn. We have just begun to think of learning about gemstones, and this was the perfect inspiration

Christine said...

Heather - Have fun exploring.

Anna said...

Not sure if I've ever commented on your blog, but I've been following you:) hehe Just wanted to come out of lurk-dom and tell you how inspiring you are!!


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