Monday, October 12, 2009


:: michaelmas. a day balanced with equal parts of light and dark. as we lead into the darkness that autumn brings, we must discover new inner resources which can help us grow towards life and light. a time for new beginnings, new rhythms, new tasks and a new inner journey.

i put off the celebration to read more about it and see how it relates to my family.
first off in reading, i knew i was to put aside my insecurities of not knowing how to bake bread and just try baking a loaf. uncommongrace has some wonderful recipes and advises to "seek celebration and embrace it". fitting words. i decided to tell the story of the harvest loaf from all year round.

the story that accompanies the harvest loaf is wonderful. we had all the ingredients laid out in smaller bowls on the counter, which allowed for them to be added easily with the story. we lit a candle and enjoyed the celebration. oh, and the bread was very easy to make, i just had to convert the measurements prior. we still are planning on making some dragon bread, too.

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