Friday, August 28, 2009

watch out for those wooley bears

Remember those wooley bear caterpillars from yesterday. Little did I know that they (or should I say their little hairs) would bring us to the ER yesterday. My little one ended up inhaling some of their little hairs, which were on the bottom of the jar. After vomiting a few too many times and a call to her doctors, who referred us to poison control, who directed us to the ER. The examination and the cleansing of her nasal passage went well. No more hairs stuck in her nasal passage. No difficulty breathing and no reaction, which was the initial concern from poison control. So, watch out for those wooley bears.


Anonymous said...

How scary! Glad it turned out fairly well in the end.

Christine said...

Once I talked with poison control and had an understanding of what was going on, I knew everything was going to be alright. I just did not think to call poison control so I am glad our doctor referred us to them:)

boatbaby said...

How scary -- your poor girl! I hope she's feeling better soon and off exploring again. When Z finds those wooly ones I always have a "warning" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Now I know why!


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