Tuesday, August 18, 2009

corn husk doll

:: These wonderful corn husk dolls are great to make this time of year and they are so easy. We followed the instructions in Earthways by Carol Petrash. We gathered 12 husks and tied them together close to the top, creating some wispy hair. We had twine, so that is what we used, but something thinner would be better. Then a wee bit further down, we tied again to finish the head. We gathered 3 husks for each arm, tying them at the end. Tied the waist. And divided the remaining husks for the legs and finished with a tie.


boatbaby said...

That's so funny -- we just made corn husk dolls this week too. I am always so behind in uploading pics it will be a while before I get them posted. But we were on a roll learning about Colonial times leading to a visit next week to Williamsburg and found a Colonial kids craft book with some fun corn husk doll ideas. We got our husks at the load latin american grocery store in a big package (meant for tamales)

Christine said...

Very cool. Williamsburg is bound to be a wonderful experience! Have fun.


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