Monday, March 9, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Well, it's not really raining.... It's SNOWING!!! And just the other day, it was 60 degrees. Weather could be so strange.

This is my other little one, Bernie. The sweetest, most playful, ball loving, motorcycle chasing, a little stubborn, sensitive, always getting dirty, dog. The poor guy was favoring his back leg the other day. It progressed through the night, so I stayed up to keep an eye on him. He started having some shakes, which progressed to panting, which are signs of experiencing pain. So, off we went to the emergency vet. He has a soft muscle injury, which should take about 2 weeks to heal.

As much as I am so ready to have my baby in my arms, I am hoping to have a little more time. Bernie really needs to rest his injury and that just will not be possible with bring home a new baby. With some extra time, I can do some more shifting on the hips, walking up & down the stairs, walking in place, and reflexology to help the baby get into a better position. The other day's swimming in the bath tub idea didn't happen. I did think that I would be able to fill up the tub and float, so it would kind of be like swimming, but my husband said, "Definitely Not." Sometimes, I have to admit he's right.

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