Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Building a bird house

Our little one is requiring a little of mom and dad's attention these days. After a trip to see my midwife, we took a little walk and then little A and daddy built and painted a bird house. It's great to get some bird houses out before the birds start nesting in spring.

My little one really enjoys projects.
She's a kinesthetic learner and after reading more about her learning style, I focus more on getting activities ready for her for the week. She is really interested in nature and science and I find it easy to plan activities according to the seasons. I also stocked up on some projects to make the transition with the new baby easier on her. I purchased a few big sister gifts for her and some others that we'll surprise her with along the way. I know we need to make her feel extra special and hopefully with her being almost 5 years old, she'll be able to express herself to us. Still, I am anticipating a transition period, as one should.

A few updates: all the hip shaking helped put the baby in a better position, which is such a relief. And our dog Bernie is doing much better. He still needs to rest his injury, which is so hard because he is such an active dog.

I am feel good and I feel ready to welcome my new baby.

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