Sunday, December 7, 2008

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I am so happy to have my little Natural Kids & Toys etsy shop open and I appreciate all that have come by and even checked out this blog. This blog gives me a chance to post parts of my day and share my thoughts and interests. I have some new visitors and I feel compelled to share information that I feel is very important regarding lead paint recalls. Thank you in advanced for taking the time to read this as I feel it is very, very important.

My little shop came about after my little one's first 3 years and countless lead paint recalls. I knew there had to be safe, natural alternative toys for my little one. As my little one's play environment transformed from typical "toy store" toys to natural and multi-purpose toys, I saw my little one's play change and her imagination take flight. I saw the creative play limitations of Dora, Polly Pocket, Thomas the train and other formed toys. Dora is only Dora, Barbie is only Barbie, and they provide very limited uses, which hinder a child's creative play, not to mention them being dangerous and possibly lethal to children. One of my goals is to make other families aware of better & safer natural, multi-functional toy alternatives without the lead paint recalls.

* nearly 1 million Dora, 30 types of Dora-branded products recalled in 2 months, from May and August 2007
* 1.5 million Thomas & Friends products recalled from 25 different types of toys from January 2005 through June 2007
* 683,000 Barbie & Tanner sets recalled from May 2006 through August 2007
* 675,000 various Barbie accessories recalled between October 2006 through August 2007
* 7.3 million Polly Pocket play sets recalled from May 2003 to November 2006

Children's jewelry, charms, shoelace charms, keychains are plagued with recalls:
* 30,000 Faded Glory Lip Gloss, Locket & Bracelet sets recalled in 2008
* 13,000 Bead Bazaar USA "It's A Girl Thing" bracelets, necklaces, and phone charm recalled from Feb 2006 through June 2008
* 12,000 Tween Brand Inc. necklaces, cd players, and mp3 players recalled from May 2007 through August 2008
* 18,500 Action Product International Inc., Children's charm craft kits recalled from July 2007 through April 2008
* 70,000 Jewelry Sets and suncatcher sets recalled from QuinCrafts from August 2007 through March 2008
* 71,000 Nintendo Lapel pins recalled between April 2004 through November 2007
* 500,000 Ballet Show charms recalled from Parragon Inc. from January 2003 through June 2008 (On the market for 5 years !!!!)

.... This is crazy!
And it makes you think twice about what to bring into your house, what to allow your children to play with, and where to spend your money. The only way companies will change their manufacturing and safety policies is when they dramatically see their sales declining. Which companies value our children's safety and health and future??? Which companies are you going to buy from??? Which companies have earned your trust???

CHANGE will only come when we, as consumers, change how we spend our money.

Thank you for your time,

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