Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In a Natural Play Kitchen. Wooden goodness

Our kitchen is bustling with activity, there is something always cooking or being prepared. Here are some of our favorite things that we seem to use a lot and that I am able to offer in my little etsy shop - Natural Kids & Toys.

A basket of wooden & wool eggs is a staple.

Fresh milk and cups.

Little ones love these little bowls.

Wooden Morter & Pestol play set or a mixing bowl or a pot of soup....

Wooden Salt & Pepper Shakers. They make fun maracas for the little ones.

Usually a bowl of fruit - a purple grape, a blue blueberry, a green apple, a yellow lemon, an orange orange, a red cherry or raspberry or strawberry or apple or pomegranate.

A little honey pot with dipper.

A little wooden dinner bell.

A wooden set of 3 Dry good containers. A must have.

My little one's doll has started cooking as well. She usually brings in some vegetables from the garden or some fresh eggs.

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