Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spooky Halloween Decorations

2 years ago, my daughter feel in love with Halloween, especially the decorations. I must say that I was never really big on the holiday, but seeing it through her eyes, the holiday and the decorations started to grow on me. She really loved witches and chose to be a magical witch that year for Halloween. This was the start of my decorating and collecting for Halloween, at this point, I have way for decorations that I ever intended.

This whimsical collection fills the top of my large armoire. On Halloween, I burn a bunch of tea lights throughout to make it more festive.

I could not resist the expressive smiles of these ones. I love the trick-or-treat bags they are carrying. 

This year, my little one said that our house was not spooky enough. I asked her what would make it spookier and her reply was to purchase more Halloween decorations, of course. Not exactly what I had in mind. 

Needless to say, we found these Halloween cutouts - spiders, bats, and rats. The house is spooky, now, I am done. 

At least until next year. 

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