Wednesday, April 18, 2012

like switching off a light

here is my little guy finishing up a big bowl of salad. six months ago, i was so happy to come back and let everyone know that my son's "poor feeding" went away and it has. just as the doctor said it would between 2-3 years of age... just like switching off a light, it will go away.

but with my son eating and sleeping in a healthier way, there were still these behaviors that i could not make sense of nor put my finger on. at times, i could not read him nor understand what he needed. it is a very helpless and frustrating feeling. every day could be so different and i had no explanation why.

i sought out additional occupational therapy services, aside from Birth to Three. at the consultation, my son's needs were magnified and there was no question that there was something much bigger going on with my son. I believe that my son has had Sensory Processing Disorder from the beginning.

moving forward, I hope to share our triumphs and struggles of our family as we travel through our day a little differently than we had planned.

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