Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter's on its way

Easter is almost here. We just put out some decorations and I would still like to fit in a few crafts before the holiday comes. Our Easter seasonal nature table now has a robin's nest and Easter decorations. The Easter eggs my little girl decorated are very precious to me and they have become a family tradition. On her first Easter, I used her little fingerprints for the polka dotted egg and since then she has been decorating the wooden eggs.

It is always fun to add a few flowering branches to the nature table and hang some Easter eggs from them, next on my list. I just finished up this little wool bunny ball for my little girl's Easter basket. I started it before Vince was born, but I've been so busy since then and I would not recommend needle felting when you have sleep deprivation, it can be a little dangerous.

Here's a fun fingerplay to get ready for the holiday.

The bunny
Here is a bunny with ears so funny (hold one hand face up and with other hand have fingers hop up and down)
Here is his hole in the ground (join thumb and index finger to make O)
At the first sound he hears
He pricks up his ears (hold up index finger and middle finger to make V)
And jumps to his hole in the ground. (V jumps into O)

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