Thursday, July 17, 2008

To the land of magical things

Little friends

Little holes

A little love

Little treasures

It is wonderful to stumble upon little treasures that inspires wonder and awe. I love when my little one starts elaborating upon a found object and how it becomes part of her storytelling. I love seeing her imagination and creativity at work. It amazes me every time and really brings such joy to my heart.

It is fun to explore with her and lead her to little treasures that I have discovered. Most of the time, Mother Earth, keeps us busy but every now and then a special package arrives that I hope will encourage discovery and exploration.

A order from
- Sunprint kit
- Bug viewer
- Rainbow sled kite (for a trip to the beach)
- Wooden tangram puzzle
- A wooden slide whistle, a croaking toad, egg shaker, a spin drum and a stirring xylophone to inspire musical adventures.
- Jeweled mirror
- A sense of wonder book series

I also purchased some of their book recommendations over at, which included: Stone Soup, Hands Can, Seven Blind Mice, Be My Neighbor, All the Colors of the Rainbow, What's the Weather Today, and A Little Peace.

Not sure where our adventure will take us as we explore the things we encounter "off the beaten path".

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