Tuesday, October 27, 2009

making a jar lantern

:: gather your supplies. all you need is a jar, sequin stars and moons, tissue paper, and decoupage glue. we worked in sections as the glue can dry quickly. paint glue onto the first section of the jar. apply your sequin stars and moons. then cover with tissue paper while the glue is wet, smoothing out any air bubbles.

:: after the jar is covered, you will want to add another layer or two of tissue paper. lightly brush a layer of decoupage glue over each layer of tissue paper.


boatbaby said...

It looks fantastic... easiest enough maybe even I could pull it off with Zach! I love your fall banner too!

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

you guys could definitely make some lanterns. i've seen zach's hat and your little pirate, you're crafty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful! I have been wanting to make K a lantern for the lantern walk we have at the Cathedral near by a couple of days before Christmas. So thankyou for showing me how to do this!

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

You're welcome Rosaleen. I look forward to hearing about your lantern walk and seeing your pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I would love it with jewel beads.


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